"Always Friends", finally the title of the first album from one of the youngest alternative garage rock band from Italy: FREEZ.
A solid alternative rock record, written by Michele Bellinaso in his bedroom in his mother's house and then recorded it with his bandmates Nicolò and Stefano at Fox Studio (Venice) with New Candys' member Andrea Volpato. The whole album is split in two parts that reflect two different moods: the happier one filled with romantic choruses screamed in the microphone, adolescences themes and “falling in love” stories, then the more emotional part with even more distortions on it, that accompanies the sad vibes of the record, based on friends leaving hometown, the need of having someone beside you and choosing what to do with your life.

The record has been announced with the release of the first single Guess You'r Bipolar, anticipating the split personality of it to the public, making everything very cohesive.